Top Women in EV 2022

7th – 13th March

The EV Summit is delighted to announce another year of celebrating the top women working in the electric vehicle sector, highlighting achievements of women in Marketing & Communications, Events, Strategy, Technology, Infrastructure, Investment & Finance, and Government & Policy.

If you know an inspirational woman who works in EV, please nominate them by filling in the form below.

"For the third year running in 2022, we're hosting our Top Women in EV campaign. Automotive has historically been a male-dominated industry and we're making sure that we put a spotlight on the women in the industry who are making strides towards our sustainable future.

Our aim this year is not only to give our nominees the accolades they rightly deserve, but to initiate a conversation which involves everyone and makes a tangible difference. Throughout the Top Women in EV campaign and our highly regarded mentorship programme we hope to inspire 'Electric Women' of all ages and backgrounds who will help us to enter the next stage of automotive electrification in the next ten years."

Rashida Noray
Managing Director
EV Summit
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