2024 Panels & Speakers

Below you can explore the narratives for this years EV SUMMIT as we pursue the master narrative of Driving EV Sales – Charging into the Early Mainstream.

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Day one – Welcome Remarks

Ade Thomas

Founder, Green.TV Media

Ade Thomas opens the seventh EV SUMMIT

Day one – Opening Keynote

Marc Palmer

Head of Strategy & Insights, AUTO TRADER

In this opening keynote we’ll be asking “where are we now?”, taking stock of progress in 2024 and looking at demand, choice and consideration in the new and used markets. We’ll also ask how we can convert the Early Majority, and consider the impact of misinformation on consumer sentiment.

Day One – Panel One

Affordability: breaking the big barrier to true mass market EV adoption


Laura Harvey

Director of Communications & Corporate Affairs, Auto Trader

Affordability is the biggest blocker to widespread electric adoption. This panel explores solutions to make EVs more affordable, including advancements in battery technology, pricing strategies, and government incentives. Join industry experts to discover how we can overcome economic barriers and achieve true mass market adoption of EVs.

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Andrew Pilkington

Deputy CEO, Vinfast UK

Mark Smith


Joanna Smith

Co-founder / Owner, Wink Cars

Day one – Morning Keynote

Vicky Read

CEO, Charge UK

EV Charging: Ready for today, on track for tomorrow

Convenient and affordable charging is critical to the UK’s transition to emobility. And yet, despite record rates of infrastructure rollout, drivers continue to cite a perceived lack of charging as a reason not to adopt an EV. Vicky will delve into the realities of today’s charging provision and future growth, and as a new Government settles into Westminster, look at what all stakeholders need to do to give drivers the confidence to switch.

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Day One – Panel Two

Coming to America: The British EV businesses making it big stateside


Marc Coltelli

Managing Director for the Americas and Global eMobility Leader, EY

Discover the electrifying triumphs of British EV innovators in the U.S.A. This panel will unveil the success stories of UK businesses making waves stateside and explore the untapped opportunities awaiting newcomers eager to enter the North American market.

In partnership with


Laura Harvey

Director of Communications & Corporate Affairs, Auto Trader


Gurjeet Grewal

COO, Octopus EV

Toddington Harper


Nick Woolley

CEO & FOUNDER, ev.energy

Day one - Lunchtime Keynote

Matt Galvin

Managing Director, Polestar UK & Ireland

Carrots and sticks: An OEM’s perspective on the UK’s EV Market Dynamics

The role of OEMs is pivotal in the UK’s journey to decarbonised mobility. Matt will provide insights into the challenges and opportunities in the UK's EV market.

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Day one - Afternoon Keynote

Pinar Mavituna

general manager global mobility products, shell recharge

Driving EV adoption through people, partnerships and pilots

Driving early mainstream EV adoption involves empowering individuals with knowledge and incentives, fostering strong collaborations between industry stakeholders, and implementing pilot programs to test and refine innovative solutions. Pinar looks to explain how by leveraging the collective efforts of people, partnerships, and real-world testing, we can accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility.

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Day One – Panel Three

Overcoming Payment Anxiety: Making EV charging easier for fleet and the mainstream market

Moderator & Keynote Speaker

Sara Sloman

Chief Strategy Officer, Paythru

This panel will address the complexities of EV charging payments and how they impact adoption. Experts will explore why payment solutions are so often left until last, why there are so many different ways to pay and how this affects EV purchase decisions. Join us as we dissect "Payment Anxiety" and strategise solutions to streamline experiences for fleets and consumers alike.

In partnership with


Keith Brown

Founder & Managing Director, Paythru

Paul Ayres

Founder, Connected Kerb

Anna Grau

Director Fleet & Mobility Solutions, Visa

James Lee

Founder, Infinium Logistics

Day One – Panel Four

Beyond boundaries: Innovating EV integration, fleet management, and revenue diversification

Keynote Speaker

Lara Navetta

sales Director, Evolt Charging

The rise of EVs is revolutionising transportation, pushing innovation in EV integration, fleet management, and revenue diversification. Industry experts will share insights on how these advancements can enable businesses to seize new opportunities and drive sustainability.

In partnership with


Marc Palmer

Head of Strategy & Insights, Auto Trader


Anne Buckingham

Managing Director, Evolt Charging

Craig Halloran

Technical Sales & Operations, Cleaner EV

Michael Kent

Head of EV Solutions, gridbeyond

David Watts

Electric vehicle consultant, man truck & bus

Day One – Panel FIVE

Better tech for better public charging, delivering next level EV solutions for the early mainstream

Keynote Speaker

Sergii Velchev


This panel will explore the transformative impact of integrating advanced, cost-effective technology into a unified hardware and software ecosystem within the realm of charging infrastructure. The panellists will delve into how these innovations democratise access, enhance safety measures, and improve the flexibility and speed of production.

In partnership with


Ade Thomas

Founder , Green.TV Media


Rodion Borokhovych


Oliver Adrian

Head of EV Charging & Energy Strategy, Business Development and Go-to-Market, Ford

Jonny Berry

Head of Decarbonisation, Innovation & Strategy, Novuna Vehicle Solutions

Mark Sherrard


DAy One – Closing Keynote

Gareth Dunsmore

eMobility Transformation Director, Nissan

Navigating generational shifts in sustainable urban mobility  

Navigating generational shifts in sustainable urban mobility requires the alignment of the car industry's progression, cities' current issues and long-term plans while addressing the evolving needs of younger urban dwellers. Gareth will explore how best to engage this customer group and capture a share of their spending power.

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DAy One – Closing

Ade Thomas

Founder, Green.TV Media

Bringing Day One of the EV SUMMIT to a close

DAy Two – Welcome

Ade Thomas

Founder , Green.TV Media
DAy Two – Opening Keynote

Roel Vissers

Chief Commercial Officer, Milence

Accelerating the electrification of road transport in Europe

Accelerating the electrification of haulage in Europe involves leading with green routes that pioneer publicly accessible charging infrastructure. Join Roel as he explains why these initiatives are crucial for transforming sustainable mobility across the continent.

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Day Two – Panel ONE

Charge beyond downtime: Pushing EV infrastructure to 24/7 reliability

Keynote Speaker

Om Shankar

Vice president & general manager - global emobility, konect

Join industry experts as they delve into the future of EV infrastructure and the steps being taken to meet the growing demand of 24/7 reliability. This panel will explore cutting-edge technologies, innovative maintenance strategies, and the integration of smart systems to minimise downtime and ensure continuous operation. 

In partnership with


Jarrod Birch

Policy Lead, shell recharge


Chris Pateman-Jones

CEO, Connected kerb

Lewis Gardiner

Director of Operations, osprey charging

Elizabeth Warren

Director of Public Charging, Mer UK

James Gale

Global operations lead, konect

DAy Two – Morning Keynote

Aleksandra O'Donovan

Head of Electrified Transport, BloombergNEF

Electric Vehicles and The Road Ahead

EV sales are on the rise globally, yet faced with certain market lags and geopolitical tensions, especially regarding China's dominance in the supply chain. Despite challenges, advancing technology and investment opportunities underscore a promising future, shaped by evolving policies. Aleksandra will delve into BNEF's insights on global EV adoption, investment potentials, and the pivotal role of policy in driving this transformative shift

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Day Two – Panel TWO

Empowering the 40%: Beyond public charging

Keynote Speaker

Nicolas Banchet

Co-founder, ChargeGuru

This panel will explore the innovative charging solutions for drivers without driveways, focusing on alternative solutions to public charging. With emerging technologies and policy frameworks designed to empower the 40% – including on-street charging, co-charging, and fully-funded solutions – experts will share insights into the future of EV infrastructure and how it's evolving to meet the diverse needs of all drivers.

In partnership with


Daveena Saranna



Joel Teague

Founder & CEO, Co Charger

Matthew Dale

Head of Transport Consulting, Mitie

Day two – Lunchtime Keynote

Andrew Pilkington

Deputy CEO, Vinfast UK

Are EV disruptors shaking up the UK car market?

Join Andrew as he discusses the impact of EV disruptors on the UK market and explores how Asian players are transforming the automotive landscape of Europe. Get ready for insights into innovation, competition, and what lies ahead.

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Day two – Afternoon Keynote

Oxana Grishina

Head of Section, Business & Transformation, Hyundai

Empowering the electric drive: How do we amplify EV awareness?

Join Oxana as she explores strategies to boost public perception of EVs. She’ll uncover areas for improvement in EV awareness and the collective actions needed to amplify consumer education, engagement and excitement to dispel myths and promote the benefits of EVs.

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Day Two – Panel Three

Reimagining EV Adoption: Through game-changing investments & accelerated technology deployment

Keynote Speaker

Andrew Stead

Commercial Director, Plug Me In

Step into the future of emobility as industry pioneers discuss the blueprint for revolutionising EV adoption. From the pivotal role of groundbreaking investments to the swift deployment of cutting-edge technology, the market’s transformation hinges on a series of strategic decisions which will be explored in this panel discussion.

In partnership with


Gill Nowell

Director – Emobility, Green.TV Media


Andrew Mouat

Head of Smart Mobility, ScottishPower

Arthur Mitchell

Head of Special Projects, Octopus EV

Caroline McCoy

Head of Network, British Gas ZERO

Day TWO – Panel Four

From Blueprint to Reality: Scaling up EV infrastructure and energy management across defined territories

Keynote Speaker

Stuart Tolley

GEO Director, Virta

As EVs gain traction worldwide, the deployment of infrastructure has become a critical focus across various territories. This panel will delve into the strategies and challenges involved in establishing charging networks, mainland mass applications, and innovative energy management strategies aimed at reducing consumer costs.

In partnership with


Gill Nowell

Director – Emobility, Green.TV Media


Werner Bornman

Director of Technology, Jersey Electricity

Josh Spencer

Head of EV & Sustainability, Ford & Slater

Simon Cowling

Director of Operations & Interim Lead Director for EV, SSE

Day two – Late Afternoon Keynote

Peter Matkin

Executive Director – Program Management, Vehicle Concepts, Chery

Powering Forward: China's Battery Breakthroughs and Tariff Turbulence

Peter will bring us the latest developments in battery technology from China in the wake of tariff uncertainties. He’ll reveal the latest advancements propelling energy storage and emobility, discuss how players like Chery are navigating challenges, and offer insights into what the near future holds for consumers.

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Day Two – Panel FIVE

Bridging the Gap: Addressing the disparity between customer expectations and charging infrastructure

Keynote Speaker

James Taylor

Managing Director, Vauxhall

This panel looks to tackle the imbalance between customer expectations and charging infrastructure in the realm of EV manufacturing, adoption, and infrastructure development in the UK. Join industry leaders as they strategise solutions to bridge the divide and drive forward a net zero economy.

In partnership with


Ade Thomas

founder, green.tv media


Chris Pateman-Jones

Chairperson, ChargeUK

Jacob Roberts

Senior Policy & Strategy Consultant, CENEX

Kim Royds

Mobility director - centrica

Day two – Closing

Ade Thomas

Founder, Green.TV Media

Ade Thomas, Founder of Green.TV & the EV SUMMIT, brings the summit to a close.

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