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Driving EV sales – charging into the early mainstream

Said Business School, Oxford
15 – 16 July 2024
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University of Texas, Austin
October 15 2024
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About the EV SUMMIT

The two-day summit, known as the ‘Davos for emobility’ brings together business leaders and key players working on electric vehicles, energy, information technology and charging infrastructure, to explore how we advance full, battery electric, emobility.

The summit is a high level business forum based on the dual themes of business engagement and thought leadership from the most senior, influential and informed people in the sector.


The EV SUMMIT has established itself as the leading, high level, global emobility event, delivering actionable insights from thought leaders to delegates and partners alike.

Previous speakers include a plethora of CEO’s and the UK’s Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps - marking the summit’s status.

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Managed Introductions

The EV SUMMIT is defined not just by its high level speakers and its commitment to decarbonising mobility, but by its process for pre-arranged meetings, a function we call Managed Introductions.


Managed Introductions sees our delegates get access to connect and schedule meetings with our speakers, sponsors and other delegates.

You’ll also have access to our online meetings platform for a full 30 days, with its database of 2,000 senior decision makers and buyers.

This process sees all delegates, sponsors and exhibitors part of a pre-arranged online meetings system, which has led to deals into the tens of millions.

‍Panel partners

Panel partners have their own dedicated Account Manager (Introducer), and a guaranteed minimum number of meetings during the two days of the summit and across a full 30 day period, via the online platform.

There will also be a Platform Support Manager to assist in those meetings. You will also have access to the EV SUMMIT'S 4,000 strong email marketing database to assist in your partnership process.

‍Headline partner

As the EV SUMMIT'S signature partner, our headline partner has exclusive early access to our high level database of emobility contacts, along with a Senior Account Manager to assist in pre-arranged meetings.

Working with the EV SUMMIT, our headline partner is in a position to deploy our processes and platform to deliver statement engagement with Europe’s leading emobility event.

If you're interested in partnering with us, or want to know more information about securing your place at the most important emobility business event of the year, get in touch with our friendly team here:

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