Both Green.TV and the Säid Business School have a commitment to holding a safe and secure EV Summit, and with this aim in mind, we have prepared the following fair and transparent mandatory guidelines which will apply to all attendees, delegates and staff of both organisations.

It is possible that by the time of the Summit there will be significantly different restrictions in place throughout the UK; we will be updating our guidelines accordingly, and you will be informed well in advance of the event to ensure that all our roles in assuring a safe a secure event are clearly understood.

Based on current restrictions and safe practice we will expect the following to be observed:

  • Practice social distancing: keep a 2m distance from others at all times. If you need to communicate urgently or in detail using information or media, consider first how to safely do this without breaching the distancing rule.
  • Keep washing your hands, and use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Wear a multi-layered face covering:  masks (not bandanas or scarves) must be worn (and worn correctly- covering nose AND mouth) at all times on the event premises. Masks can only be removed when eating or drinking. Medical or other exemptions to mask-wearing must be communicated to the event organiser with certification prior to the event.  You will not be able to enter the event without a mask unless you are certified as exempt. You are encouraged to bring your own mask, but masks will be provided for attendees who require them.
  • On entry to the Säid Business School your temperature will be checked. You must follow instructions from Säid Business School, University of Oxford or Green.TV staff if your temperature is too high- in this case you cannot enter the venue.
  • If you have Covid 19 symptoms, get tested.
  • Self isolate if you have received a positive result to a Covid 19 test, or if you are contacted by Track and Trace.
  • If you become unwell during the event, as with any occurrence of illness, immediately inform a member of staff from the Säid Business School, University of Oxford or Green.TV.

Any future variance to the guidelines as a result of negative test results or vaccination certification will be communicated prior to the event, together with any certification requirements.

Your attendance at the event is conditional on your acceptance of these guidelines, successful registration to the event will include an agreement to abide by the guidelines provided.

If you have been vaccinated please either bring proof of vaccination to the event, or send it to us beforehand.

In any exceptional instance of non-compliance with the guidelines, the Säid Business School, University of Oxford or Green.TV staff may ask the non-compliant person or persons to leave the premises; in this case re-admittance will not be possible, and the attendance fee will not be refunded.

Three aspects of the event may have particular impact due to compliance with the government guidelines and Oxford University Policy applicable at the time of the event:


The Nelson Mandela  Lecture Theatre will be operating at the following capacities:

  • No social distancing: 300
  • 1m social distancing: 140
  • 2m social distancing: 46

In cases with reduced capacity, a ‘first come, first served’ policy for entry to the Lecture Theatre will be implemented up to the capacity limit, with live-streaming in other, clearly communicated, locations for attendees unable to enter the Theatre. Please refer to the Summit Eventbrite details for ticketing options if you prefer to attend online.


  • The locations, style (buffet / table) and capacity for catering could be strongly affected by social distancing restrictions. It is essential that any guidelines continue to be strictly observed through the informal periods of the Summit, when everyone tends to relax and naturally engage more with each other whilst enjoying refreshments.

In order to help everyone continue to stay safe whilst enjoying a break from the Summit formal activities, Green.TV will work with the School to provide the optimum provision of refreshments possible within the guidelines operating at the time of the Summit. Details of the arrangements will be communicated closer to the event date.

Managed Introductions:

  • The Managed Introductions program of scheduled personal networking has been one of the high-value features of the EV Summit since its inception.  In the face of the restrictions posed by social distancing requirements, in order to retain the intimacy of this networking, Green.TV will be working with the Said Business School to ensure that indoor meeting spaces are well-ventilated, doors are kept open and attendees continue to wear masks at all times.

Any additional measures that are taken to comply with social distancing in a networking environment will be communicated prior to the event.    

As with the informal periods during the Summit, your diligent observance of Covid 19 guidelines during the associated networking will help us all ensure a safe and secure event.

Refunds / Cancellation

In the case of severe restrictions of the number of attendees able to view the presentations due to social distancing requirements, attendees will be able to choose to convert their ticket to the online ticket, with a discount to be applied for the following year’s event.  In the unlikely event of the Summit being cancelled, Green.TV will decide on whether the event will be postponed or run on a completely virtual basis.  Attendees will be informed well in advance of any changes to the Summit.