2023 Panels

Our 2023 panels addressed the master narratives of growth, investment and decarbonisation.

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Day one - Opening Keynote

Ian Plummer


For many consumers, now isn’t the right time to make the switch to electric. So, what can we do to make the transition easier? Ian Plummer will answer this very question at this year’s EV SUMMIT where he’ll explore how a bit of empathy can go a long way in helping consumers to make the switch to electric.

Day One – Panel 1

Moving the goalposts: What happens now that 2030 is now 2035

Keynote Speaker & Moderator

Laura Harvey

Director of Communications & PR | Auto Trader UK

In this panel, Auto Trader UK discuss the impact the Government’s delay on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles will have on EV uptake and, crucially, what we as an industry can do to continue to drive EV uptake despite the goalposts now being moved and what investments are needed to drive uptake.

Auto Trader UK will also share their latest market data to understand the impact the announcement has had on consumer demand for new and used EVs and their latest consumer research exploring what needs to be done to make EVs accessible to all and ensure that no driver is left behind on the road to electric.

In partnership with


Martin Schaeferbarthold

Solihull Borough Council

Martin Miller

Founder | EV Experts

Lauren Pamma

Programme Director | Green Finance Institute

Nicholas Thomas

Marketing Director | Nissan

Day one – Morning Keynote

Michael Oates

Country Sales & Delivery Manager – Tesla UK

Michael will be discussing how the EV industry has changed since 2019 with the launch of the Model 3 and the impact of this product in the UK. Four years since launch the UK faces a different set of circumstances that the automotive industry must adapt to in order to increase the adoption of electric vehicles, to open up to new audiences, and to reach out to those in the used car market.

Day One – Panel 2

Fleet transition - from concept to implementation

Keynote Speaker

Euan Moir

Head of Fleet Solutions UK | Shell Recharge

The panel will discuss the opportunities in transitioning fleets towards lower-carbon solutions.

  • Different decarbonising options for fleet segments, ranging from small to medium enterprises – heavy good vehicle fleets.
  • The role of Industry in supporting the rollout of EV infrastructure.
  • Examples of how industries are making this happen now.

In partnership with


Laura Harvey

Director of Communications & PR | Auto Trader UK


Vicky Crossthwaite

Commercial Road Transport UK Country Manager | Shell

Maurizio Romano

G4S | Group Fleet Manager

Anthony Humble-Smith

Group Sustainability Lead | Gregory Distribution Ltd

Day one - Lunchtime Keynote

Ian Johnston


Ian will deliver a keynote speech and make a statement on the charging industry’s response to the Government's announcement regarding the 2030 ban.

Day one - Afternoon Keynote

Alaa El-Huni

Chief business officer - CAFU

Alaa will be discussing the role of mobile infrastructure in unleashing EV adoption and how we can support the energy transition within the mobility sector by leveraging smart, connected and AI enabled technologies.

Day One – Panel 3

Mobilizing the vehicle as a service eco-system

Keynote Speaker

Chantal Shearing

Chief Operating Officer, UK | Mobilize

Vehicle-as-a-Service takes us from vehicle ownership to usage-based subscription models.

Vehicle as a Service is built on 3 pillars:

  • Vehicles
  • An embedded connectivity
  • Services and ecosystem

This panel touches on the following elements of Vehicle-as-a-Service:

  • Why we might be switching to the usage based model and usage versus ownership.
  • How you enable this through ecosystem and partnerships. 
  • Customer and operating environment is involved in design as they are service designed vehicles.
  • From a sustainability point of view, this model enables people to move to EVs and sustainability solutions quicker due to the cost and extended life of vehicles.

In partnership with


Natasha Patel

Energy Transition | Bain & Company


Darragh Hanrahan

Director of Strategic Projects | iCabbi

Mark Dickens

Managing Director | Mobilize Power Solutions

Chantal Shearing

Chief Operating Officer | Mobilize Power Solutions

Day One – Panel 4

The route to electric fleets: Why drivers, data and strategic partnerships are crucial

Keynote Speaker

Taco Olthoff

Director EV Program | Webfleet

The discussion panel will delve into the intricacies of fleet electrification.

Experts in the field will shed light on the pivotal role that strategic alliances can play in smoothing the transition process, the significance of fleet data, and the integral part the driver plays.

The panel aims to encourage businesses to consider the value of EVs for their fleets, what to consider for an effective implementation to get the full value when going electric and recognising what is driving success in the EV industry.

The session is expected to be insightful and engaging, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the future of electric fleets.

In partnership with


Natasha Patel

Energy Transition | Bain & Company


Hotze Veldhuis

Team Manager | Riverford Organic Farmers

Mike Nakrani

Managing Director E Mobility Investments | VITOL/VEV

Tim Campbell

Managing Director | Campbells Consultancy

DAy One - Closing Keynote

Reza Shaybani


Reza will be discussing the need to build a future proof & robust EV infrastructure to support current growth and future demand in the wake of completing one of Europe's largest charging hubs at the NEC, Birmingham.

DAy Two - Opening Keynote

Louise Upton


Louise will be welcoming everyone to the second day of what is a key event in the EV world now and outlining some of the exciting sessions coming later.

Louise will also be explaining how important the switch to electric cars is for many of the goals of a local authority like Oxford - like improved air quality and reduced carbon footprint - but that there is an extra dimension for councils to try and ensure that it is done equitably, and not just at the mercy of the market.

Day Two – Panel 5

What we can learn from electric fleet early adopters

Keynote Speaker

Aaron Jarvis

AVP Sales & Business Development | Geotab

Exploring the transition to electric vehicles through the lens of early adopters, this panel discussion will uncover which strategies fleets use to deploy EVs and meet their business needs.

Geotab will unveil new, real-world data from over 5,200 EVs in Europe and North America to discuss which decisions fleets are making today to ensure their vehicles are readily charged.

Join this conversation with industry experts to learn how they maximise EV performance, manage charging infrastructure and what lessons they learned in adopting electric vehicles to help you prepare for a successful transition.

In partnership with


Marc Palmer

Head of Strategy & Insights | Auto Trader UK


Felicity Kelly

Product Development Manager | Motability Operations

Chris Brady

Head of Sales | Enterprise Fleet Solutions

Day Two – Panel 6

How do we unlock profitability in charging?

Keynote Speaker

Jussi Vanhanen

Chief Market Officer | Kempower

This panel will discuss the following topics:

  • The quality of the charging experience is crucial with high emphasis on reliability of the charger.
  • Free plugs and power must be available, queuing takes the value away from everyone.
  • Solutions for charging need to be flexible and able to adjust to various charging trends. This is where data steps in.
  • User-friendliness is not a once achieved milestone, it is a continuous process that is constantly being developed.

In partnership with


Marc Palmer

Head of Strategy & Insights | Auto Trader UK


Kate Tyrell

CEO | ChargeSafe

Georgina Read

Strategic Marketing Director | Mobilize Power Solutions

Day Two – Panel 7

The Local Electric Vehicle Investment Fund: Local authority approaches with insights from Oxford University

Two presentations from Local Authorities outlining their LEVI programmes, the business models they will use and the approach they will take:

  • Community Based Project – Matthew Ling | Suffolk County Council
  • Leverage other landlords land for public EVI – Martin Schäferbarthold | Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Then a presentation on latest car club research finding – Oxford University.

In partnership with


Gill Nowell

Principal | AFRY


Matthew Ling

Suffolk County Council

Hannah Budnitz

Oxford University

Martin Schäferbarthold

Solihull Borough Council

Day two - Lunchtime Keynote

Toddington Harper


Toddington Harper, CEO of GRIDSERVE, will be discussing GRIDSERVE's recently announced 'Electric Freightway' project - a purpose built network of Heavy Goods Vehicle charging hubs across the UK, helping the transition to carbon neutral logistics.

Day two - Afternoon Keynote

Lakshmi Moorthy


Lakshmi will provide insights into how the UK fleet industry is ‘leading the charge’ in Europe, helping the UK meet its new 2035 decarbonisation deadline by leveraging innovation and overcoming challenges to engage all stakeholders on the transition to zero-emission mobility.

Day TWO – Panel 8

The State of the EV Nation: Where is EV UK in terms of technology, sustainability, availability and policy?

This panel will take sounding from both days of the EV SUMMIT and the sector more broadly. It will look at where we are, and we we go, with EV charging, EV availability and EV technology.

In partnership with


Gill Nowell

Principal | AFRY


Isobel Sheldon

Former Strategy Lead | Britishvolt

Maria Bengtsson

Emobility Lead | EY

Melanie Shufflebotham

Co-Founder | ZapMap

Dora Clarke

Head of Marketing & Communications | Osprey Charging Network

Catherine Faiers

COO | Auto Trader UK

Day two - Summit Closing Keynote

Marc Coltelli


Marc will be closing this year's EV SUMMIT with a overview of the global EV market.

Marc will also offer a unique perspective on the transition to wider emobilty solutions in the USA and Canada, and how to accelerate adoption in these respective territories.

2022 Panels

Below you can see our 2022 panels that addressed the master narratives of growth, investment and decarbonisation.


Day one

Opening Speaker

Louise Upton Cabinet Member for Health and Transport, Oxford City Council

morning keynote

Stephen King VP Sustainability Solutions EU VISA

LUNCH keynote


Afternoon keynote

Tim Slatter Chairman Ford UK

Closing keynote


Day Two

morning keynote

Dr Pete Sudbury OCC Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment

LUNCH keynote


Afternoon keynote

David Browne CEO UK smart Europe

Closing keynote


Simple Payments: How can paying for an EV Charge be as easy as buying a coffee

In partnership with

Richard Campion

Head of Acceptance Visa

Anthony Eskinazi

Founder & CEO JustPark

Alyssia Williams

Global product owner electrification payments BP

Overcoming Electric Anxiety

In partnership with

Toby Butler

Director Ubitrcity

Jonathan Jenkins

Head of Innovation, Motability

Ben Cooke

CEO UK Parking Control

Smart Charging: Ready for large Scale Monetization?

In partnership with

Dominique Houde

Partner at IMPROVED Corporate Finance

Nick Woolley

CEO and co-founder at EV.Energy

Steven Meersman

Founding Director at Zenobe Energy

Future proofing property

In partnership with

Oliver Johnson


Toddington Harper

CEO Gridserve

Tom Masters

Senior Electrical Engineer, calfordseaden

Sue Riddlestone OBE

CEO & co-founder, Bioregional

Data, fleet experiences and the road towards profitable sustainability

This panel will explore why data-driven insights are critical in helping organizations add electric vehicles to their fleet, the challenges surrounding electrification and how EVs can actually improve a fleet’s bottom line, while also reducing emissions.

In partnership with

Aaron Jarvis

AVP Sales & Business Development, UK & Ireland GEOTAB

Tina Mould

Sustainable Innovation Oxford City Council

Steve Wolsterholme

Head of Fleet United Utilities

How to grow EV adoption: making EVs easier to afford, charge and buy

In partnership with

Ian Plummer

Commercial Director Auto Trader

Catherine Bowen


Andrew Pilkington

MD Genesis UK

Collaborative councils and companies

In partnership with

Chris Pateman-Jones

CEO Connected Kerb

Tim Middleton

Kent County Council

Gill Nowell

HEad of communications LV= General Insurance & ElectriX

The future of the on THE go networks: Hubs, fleets, and high powered charging

In partnership with

Akira Kirton

Vice President bp pulse UK

Aaron Berry

Deputy Head Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (energy and infrastructure), Department for Transport

Nina Sutton

Program Manager Severn Trent

Driving Fleets Forward: How to accelerate the transition to EV in fleets

In partnership with

Tom Rowlands


Ashley Tate


Owain Pearce

Oxford City COuncil

Steven Pope

Fleet Manager Coca Cola

Delivering an Equitable Charging Network: Charging for All

In partnership with

Andrew Mouat

Head of Smart Mobility ScottishPower

Alastair Mumford

Energy Manager, Devon County Council

Dr Euan McTurk

Consultant Battery Electrochemist Plug Life Consulting Ltd

2021 Panels

2021’s expert panels covered key sectors in the rapid transition to electrification.

Decarbonisation of Mobility

How is emobility driving forward the decarbonisation of mobility?

In partnership with

Jeremy Parkes (Panel Keynote)

Global Business Lead, Electric Vehicles, DNV 

Amy Stokes

Head of Emobility, Volvo Trucks, UK and Ireland

Ben Lawson

Vice President Strategy Europe, Enterprise Holdings

Electric OEMs

How can the transition towards electric passenger vehicles be delivered, at pace, and deliver on net zero goals?

In partnership with

Guy Haydon (Panel Keynote)

UK Managing Director, Zaptec

Alex Smith

Managing Director, Volkswagen Group UK

Jonathan Goodman

UK CEO and Head of Global Communications, Polestar

Ashley Andrew

Managing Director, Hyundai

Paul Willcox

MD, Vauxhall Motors

Charging infrastructure, U.K

How rolling out UK charging infrastructure, at pace, is a key tool in the UK’s transport decarbonisation plan.

In partnership with

Pinar Mavituna (Panel Keynote)

General Manager, Shell

Erik Fairbairn

CEO, Pod Point,

Neil Isaacson

CEO, Liberty Charge  

Adrian Keen

CEO, InstaVolt

Re-think Emobility

Delivering successful corporate strategies at the tipping point of accelerated EV adoption.

In partnership with

Sherief Rahim (Panel Keynote)

Director, IMPROVED Corporate Finance

Matthias Dill

Managing Partner, Energy Impact Partners

Michael Hughes

Group Chief Strategy Office, EG Group

Daniel Lyons

Head of Investments and M&A | emobility, Shell

Sustainable Cities

How is emobility delivering sustainable cities?

In partnership with

Jane Hoffer (Panel Keynote)

CEO, GoWithFlow

Anthony Hinde

MD, Mer

Poppy Mills

UK Managing Director, ubitricity

Chris Pateman-Jones

CEO, Connected Kerb

Sustainable Fleets

How can fleet managers make the boardroom case for fleet electrification, while delivering on sustainability targets?

In partnership with

Maria Bengtsson (Panel Keynote)

Partner, UK Electric Vehicle Lead, EY

Markus Kroeger

CEO of ABB’s e-mobility digital venture

Tim Jones

Director of Marketing, Communications & Sustainability, DPDgroup UK

Alfonso Martinez

MD, LeasePlan

Investment Opportunities

How do we open up investment opportunities in the transition to zero emission vehicles?

In partnership with

Mark Richards (Panel Keynote)

Partner and Co-Leader of the Energy, Environment & Infrastructure Team, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

Maurice Hochschild

Chairman, Osprey Charging Network

Katie Black

Head of the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, OZEV

Victoria Whitehead

Head of Infrastructure and Transport, Lloyds Banking Group


How do we design to deliver sustainable emobility?

In partnership with

Isabel Dedring (Panel Keynote)

Global Transport Leader, Arup

Carl-Magnus Norden

Founder, Volta Trucks

Matthew Weaver

Vice President, Nissan Motor Corporation

Adam Barmby

Founder, EAV


Making EV for everyone.

In partnership with

Naeem Farooqi (Panel Keynote)

Director of Sustainable Transportation & Asset Management Solutions, Wood

Catherine Marris

Head Of Innovation, Motability

Luke Gavin

Co-Founder, Elmo EV subscriptions

Matt Dale

EV & eLCV Business Owner, ALD Automotive

Smart Systems

How are smart systems key to delivering transport decarbonisation plans?

In partnership with

Floris van den Broek (Panel Keynote)

CEO, GreenFlux

Niall Riddell

Founder, Paua

David Watson

Founder, Ohme

Vic Shao

Founder & CEO, Amply

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